About Michelle

“Michelle believes it is through existentially attuned information tools that we will achieve the living balance needed to navigate the technological age with aplomb.”

The Science of Representational Reality: OKIC


Real meta-crisis solutions with Solfl Tech


Harmonic AGI World Build 2045



What You Might Want to Know about Chris Langan and CTMU

"It seems you believe CTMU can leap tall buildings in a single bound. That doesn't change that there are ordinary, respectable ways of getting to the other sides of buildings."


Reality morphing — a simple visualization

"How do people’s perspectives differ and yet co-exist in a singular shared reality? I’m going to answer with a visual puzzle. I have yet to meet anyone who is not taken aback by it.”


Is Stuck Science Stoking Authoritarianism?

“without alignment between facts and the messiness of being, people get desperate for someone outside of themselves to tell them what reality model to operate from.”

Notes from the existential underground: the universe as a complex emergent system


Cosmos & History, 2016

"When progress or saving us from ourselves supplants the more fundamental understanding that we are part of a cosmic logic much bigger than ourselves, when the projection of well-meaning onto our incomplete but hard-sought logical ways, we find ourselves in the awkward position of defending the indefensible.”

Implications of a novel view of the cosmological energy density and pressure relationship


“An example of a real barrier to an integrated view of physics and cosmology is minute randomness itself. This barrier is also at the core of the ‘perception problem’ that vexes physical theory. At the most fundamental level, minute randomness precludes the direct measurement of the very ‘objects’ we invent to explain that-which-is­ measurable. The views presented here suggest that minute randomness is not chaotic and disconnected from physical structure but an integrated part of it.”

Novel View, a Herstory


Cowgirl Science — It’s a ramble

“a lifetime of avoiding confusion or being wrong or lost hardens our souls to soft knowledge, that is, what really matters in our own brief existences.”

Reality Science: perceptual field or perceptual void?


“Being perceptive beings is where we must lay the groundwork for the future of science, philosophy, and yes religions too to intersect constructively.”


Healing Generation Nature-Tech Advocacy & Artistry

The Mysterioscope

Journey to the Bridge of Wonders (A fairy tale for all ages)

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